You're an artist. Running a business. An art business.

You'd like to keep that business running smoothly but there's a lot to it. Maybe you've been offered a deal to license your work and you're not sure whether the terms are fair. Or someone's copied your work and is selling it as their own. Or you're wondering whether you need to trademark your name or a character you've invented or product you've launched. You're looking for an advocate, a trusted advisor with expertise in the legal issues that arise for entrepreneurial artists... That would be me.


I’m Chuck Cordes—The Artist's General Counsel.

I advise artists on the specific situations that arise in art-based businesses. With more than 17 years of combined experience in litigation (in the courtroom, advocating on behalf of clients) and transactional law (in the office, advising clients), I’ve learned how to inform and protect my clients, and how to defend them if they find themselves in court.

I provide effective solutions at very reasonable rates, and I’d be glad to hear from you.